Thursday, November 29, 2012

Davis Raines - The Adventures of Big Boy

Last night I had a dream. I was in a foreign country and I walked up on Davis Raines and his band playing. I yelled to the stage, "DAVIS!!!" He smiled, nodded and kept blasting out the real country music. Then I walked past and there was a wall. It was a wall filled with a variety of cowboy boots (I approved of them all), old jeans, snap button shirts, old straw cowboy hats and Telecasters all made of barn wood (one was in the shape of Oklahoma). I remember thinking to myself, "Holy hell, how have I never been here before? It's like heaven." 
When I woke up I went down stairs, flipped the switch on my 57 Tweed Deluxe and laid down the song I heard in my dream. Too damn cool.

Here is the good news for you fine folks, Davis has a new album out called "The Adventures of Big Boy". So far "Jump Back Midnight" is my favorite but if your looking for real life country music you don't need to look any farther than Davis. He is the real damn deal.

Stay tuned for my next interview that will be featuring Davis. Hell, He literally lives 4 minutes away from me. I could yell the questions to him and he could yell them back. We probably won't do it that way though!

Go check out "The Adventures of Big Boy" here...right now!