Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Thoughts - Potato Sacks, Guitar Pedals, and More

After my Coca Cola pedal board I had to keep going down the tunnel of custom. I have been all over the Ebay looking for suitable burlap feed sacks to use as speaker cloth on my 57 Deluxe Pine Mini Stack. One of my sacks showed up today. As I took it out of the container I was excited to see it looked 10 times better than I expected. Then I realized I was getting excited over a potato sack and had to rethink my thinking. My wife assures me that this is a good thing. The Tung oiled pine cab on the amp already made my office smell pretty good but holy shite have you ever smelled a burlap bag? It's very burlappy but not horrible. My USA made Warehouse Guitar Speaker is already here but my handmade pine 1x12 cab is on the slow boat and by slow boat I mean the USPS. Have you ever tried to track anything with the USPS? Here is how it goes - "You item has shipped" - "You item is in transit" - I'm sure after I get it I will get an email that states "Item arrived!" That's not tracking. That's just telling me what I already know! No wonder the USPS is in the red.

I'm also about to start making guitar pedals for fun. My recent rust experiment with my pedal board got me to thinking - what if I made some equally rusty pedals? You know, worn paint, dented and rust flavored? I'm getting a nice order together with Parts Express.

And now to our Friday music report:
I purchased the new ZZ Top album La Futura - It makes for the perfect Caddy driving music. More on this in a future article.

I stayed up late last night trying to determine what electric blues albums I needed to own. I gave up at midnight and still can't decide. I'm all into Smokin' Joe Kubek. Once again I'm learning that sparse is good.

I took my girl Miss Billie out in the Caddy. She loves riding shotgun. She's 11 now but I hope to have here around for many more years to ride with me. When I left LA I had Cecil as my Caddy partner in crime. That dog rode next to me with the roof down from LA to Nashville. That was a hot ride!

I found a great video for you Steve disciples. This is an in depth interview from this month (Sept. 2012). Steve talks about his time with Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, his son John Henry, Allison, The Pogues and a lot more.

Now it's time to sit on the porch, light my tiki torch and watch the traffic go by with Miss Billie by my side. Happy Friday!

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