Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jim T's Caddy - Featuring Walt Wilkins

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The whole crew at the Alamo during SXSW
I've known Walt Wilkins since my college days. Walt was my film professor at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He always had a guitar in his office and had the kind of parties at his house that Robert Earle Keen might write about. We ran back into to each other in Nashville many years later and did our best to wring out Nashville in every way possible. He was a professional song writer at that time and I somehow finagled my way into running a record label called Groovetone. Pretty soon Walt was on my label and we were fully engulfed in the music scene in Nashville. It was all music all the time and when the bars closed we would all head back to my house on Woodlawn Dr. to keep the party going as long as possible.  I also met my wife around that time. Walt played a role in helping me woo her with the song "Big Hopes." All that to say Walt has been one of my best friends over the years and an amazing song writer and performer. He is in Texas now with his lovely wife and great singer Tina, and his son Luke.

During this interview we go over his early days in Austin,  his influences, his Nashville Music Row days and now his role as hardcore troubador in Texas. We also talk about the first song Walt ever wrote, "Songs About Texas." This was a nice hit for Pat Green and one of my favorites. For his birthday I did a version of it with Alabama bad ass and my neighbor Davis Raines. I can barely stand to hear myself sing but I put our version of the song at the end of the podcast.

Walt is just on of those guys that can take the stage and take the audience out of their every day lives and wrap them up in his songs.

Be sure to check out Walt's new CD Plenty, as well as his other CDs

Sit back and get to know Walt and his music a little better!

Check out this episode!

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