Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hand Tooled Leather Meets the Griffin Separates - A Cowboy's Dream

The Custom Cowboy iPhone Case - Griffin Separates Meets the West
I'm was raised on a ranch in Texas that in past times had stage coaches running on it and indian attacks on the log cabin on the hill behind our house. My dad bought me my first real cowboy boots and hat when I was 5 years old. All that to say that for years I have been looking for the perfect iPhone case that would protect it but still have some western flair.

The Hunt
While doing an extensive Google search on "tooled leather iPhone 5" I found a case made by Nocona Boots. I'm familiar with Nocona because the factory is not that far from where I was raised. Nocona is named after the famous Comanche indian chief Peta Nocona. His son was the famous Qaanah Parker.

The Nocona iPhone case had the tooled leather I wanted but the case itself offered no protection from drops. I spoke with Mark from Griffin Technology and he told me about their "Separates" line of cases. These are cases that consist of a bumper and a removable back plate. You can switch out the back plate for different looks.

I took my Nocona case and carefully peeled the hand-tooled leather piece off.

Then I took Shoe Goo and applied it to the Griffin Separates back plate.

Now I have the iPhone case I have always wanted - a hand tooled leather back with a protective bumper for drops.

Thanks to Mark and Griffin Technology!

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